Know more about me at least as much as I want to tell the world .I am known to be frank and speak my mind and here too there is very little I will hide .Promise !!!


Live and Let live .
Nikhil Bhaskaran, Earthling .

Nikhil Bhaskaran


Easy going friendly

**All content below are my original thoughts**
(not copied or inspired by any book but by my own research into how things work)

Beliefs :

1)The universe is run by a higher power (a system ) that is very complex if we try to logically decipher it but very simple if we keep ourselves pure and intuitively explore .
2)The universe is constantly trying to balance out and achieve harmony but people are constantly trying to disharmonize it .At regular intervals when humans overdo , universe tries to reset by destruction of old ways causing pain but at the same time it supports new trends and people who are bringing in the new trends.
3)To achieve a great life must always listen to the universe and act in harmony with where it wants to go ,Universe is constantly speaking through all events happening around us from global to local (focus more on self ) including the people coming into your life ,the incidents that happen, the good and bad results we get for our actions .
4)Tune yourself from inside to listen to universe , to tune urself you must try to be more and more peaceful by doing your work without immediate expectations but with constant positive hope that it will all be good if you put in the right effort (if not go back to 3 and understand the message why results didnt come and then retry)
5)To conquer we must learn to surrender.

How I implement :

1)Be open minded ,exploring and learning and then logically analyse a path towards achieving a goal that my intuition tells me is my current goal at this phase of life.
2)Create a plan to achieve it ,try to follow it with as much discipline as possible without getting stubborn about it , be flexible to change ways as needed.
3)Break boundaries , use unconventional thinking to create new paths but dont get too excited about the great gains such paths bring , they must be used in moderation to not go too much out of the way.
4)Be creative , love beautiful things , use imagination to think of the goal , visualise it and make it more and more beautiful in your vision.
5)Be passionate enough and put in enough energy to achieve these goals .
6)Be a leader and guide others(only when asked from u ) on their way , empower them , be a giver support more people to achieve their goals as I achieve mine .
7)Think higher than self , rise above worldly attachments of logic, money , relationships , power , ego and even the wish to guide people .

Just keep doing your work as per these rules and check results .If universe sends love your way , thank and accept it and go on, if it sends pain mend ways and go on until death comes to you and says get ready for your new role 🙂

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